Sing for joy! We all adore
this special time of year.
So join your friends and knock the door,
and voice your Christmas cheer!

This game is a submission for the 32-bit Holiday Jam 2021.

Playstation Controls!
A controller is strongly recommended; button prompts are inspired by early Playstation rhythm-action icons:
- Left analogue stick: select a snowglobe
- X: confirm
- Face buttons: play notes

(Keyboard will work, but may contain additional bugs:
- A & D: select a snowglobe
- Down arrow: confirm
- Up/Down/Left/Right arrows: play notes)

The finished game will offer a variety of Christmas experiences. This version only features the carol singing rhythm game.

Music, sound production, & assorted pixel art: Harvey Carman
Programming & 3D art: Rob Haines

Attribution: Giuseppe Verdi, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Download 44 MB

Install instructions

Note: When installing, Windows may give a hyperbolic "Windows protected your PC" warning. To circumvent this, click "More Info" followed by "Run Anyway".


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Damn! Santa’s really got some pipes! This was really fun, good work!

(1 edit)

Thank you very much! Your game is better ;D

(Not to undermine Rob's great work, I am really proud of SGT!)

“better” is subjective =D


Just amazed that you got so much done in such a short time; the maps, character creation, and an impressive movement system! Really well done!